“Mask of Vengeance,” the “Star Wars” and “Steampunk”-style crossover fan-film sequel to 2014’s “Trial of the Mask,” follows Steampunk Boba Fett’s turbulent and oft-times harrowing trials to secure his bounty, Steampunk Jabba the Hutt’s accountant, who ran off with Jabba’s money.


Featuring many noted cosplayers, “Mask of Vengeance” stars John Strangeway as Steampunk Boba Fett. Strangeway’s character first appeared at DragonCon in 2009 and has become a national convention celebrity. The film also features the return of Steampunk Darth Vader, played by Dave Lee. Cosplayer Joe Harris makes his debut as Steampunk Jabba the Hutt.


“Trial of the Mask” won “Best Short Film, Readers Choice” award from “Steampunk Chronicle” and garnered heavy online attention. Fans soon inquired about a sequel. In late 2014 Strangeway contacted Phil Stein about writing a new script. Pre-production began in mid 2015 when ambitious director Cory McBurnett began assembling a crew to bring the second short film to life. Mixing modern CGI digital filmmaking with revisionist analog traits, McBurnett and crew create a unique vision and compelling story in only thirteen minutes.

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